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on Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:30 pm
Hello guys, I will show you my LIFE.

When I have 10 Years Old, I was starting play this cs2d, I joined a clan since 2006 Name: Tortures.And I lefted this because I was always Inactive, Since May, When October I lefted CS2D Because I was boring in this time, So in December I rejoined to CS2D, And I don't having any account I played there.

On 2008, I joined to myR clan, and I was promoted to Administrator, And Fun. on September I created a account (Forgot Name and Password xD), And they promoted me official Administrator, When the leader of this clan, lefted cs2d forever, I joined to other clan name: lethal. Leader TopNotch, When I was promoted to supporter, I have been kicked for this reason: INACTIVE xD, when I don't having clan, I was play alone.

On 2009, I lefted CS2D For 1 Year.

On 2010, Rejoined xD, I Was play alone for no having clan, My name was, DarkProj3ct, Ok, When all kills me, I increase my tactics, and I killed them again, and they said me Hacker o.O!?, And one player, Name is: XoOt, He said me, ''Wants friends nigga?'', And I said, ''Yea, Why not?'', when he was my friend, He gaved me a clan.

On 2011, He banned me when I was 1 year on the clan.
A player name: Yates (He is the best friend when I know he), He gaved me a Real Clan having At Least 1k Members, He have been banned from the clan by the owner Idk the name.
Yates gaved me a Real tactics and He helped me to learn more my english.

On 2012, When Yates helped me, 1 Years old I was a PRO.
When I am Pro I can kill XoOt or other players looks like a Pro.
I entered to Happy Town [Persian], Now knows to IRAN TOWN, I was have more friends, more teams, More kills of noobs xD, And there I Meet T3LoX.

On 2013 When I Played with T3LoX At Least 1 Years Old.
He gaved me a Clan, When he is on this time the leader, He banned forever from the game.
And a Hacker is the newest leader of his clan.

2014, T3LoX Created account and I can play with him.
He made me more Pro, I gaved him a USGN Account, I created A Clan, This Clan, I gaved to T3LoX This clan and we Invite a Members.
When T3LoX and Me goes to IRAN TOWN, We Found TopNorth, T3LoX Said, ''TopNorth have clan?'', And I said, ''I don't know, ask to him'', T3LoX asked to him and TopNorth Said, ''No, Why are you asking to me?'', T3LoX Said
''Because HoustoN Is the leader of my Clan and I am invite you, and TopNorth Said, ''Ok'', New Clan Created with more Members.

This is my Life, Thanks to all to read this.

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