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Head Administrator
on Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:39 pm
Hello everybody GUESTS/Members.

Here I will show you how to make a report of a user are invading your life,
Example: He is saying you ''Bitch'' Or other thing like that.

If he's banning you always or kicking with none reason.
Report it to GM or Any Administrator Example: Me/TopNorth/UnityWorker-/HoustoN/20Minutes or other staff member.

If the user is making freevote or freekick/kill/ban please report it to the GMs or STAFF Members.

To Report it you can make a apply or send a PM to the STAFF Teams.

To make a PM you just need to go to the profile of the STAFF User.
Just click on the profile and find the PM Icon, to make a PM Do this:

-STAFF Profile.
-Click on Contacts.
-Click on PM Icon.
-Make your report.

Or just make this apply:

-Your USGN ID (If one of our STAFF Banned you, Give us your USGN ID)
-Your Nickname:
-Nickname of the user (If Our staff member (Freekicked/banned or kill):
-USGN ID of your hater:
-Name of your Hater:

If this helps you,Thanks to see this help guide.

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